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Serviform Rubba

Current condition: Second hand
Serviform Rubba cutting table for die ejection rubber: The quality of your dies is more and more connected with the ejection rubber. Up to now water jet cutting systems supplied satisfactory quality at a quite expensive price. Using RubbA with its mechanical blade system expressly developed for the die making industry top quality cut level is guaranteed without the maintenance and service costs of a water jet system. RubbA is supplied with a high luminosity beamer: projecting the cutting paths on the rubber sheet the operator can easily reduce rubber waste. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Hardware: IBM compatible Windows 8 OS Data input DXF, HPGL Working area: 1000 x 600 mm Max speed: 60m/min Acceleration 1G Pulse frequency: 3,2 strokes/sec Vacuum pump power: 4,5 kW • Multi tool cutting head with servo controlled Z axis. Writing pen and marking tool. It can be equipped with two tools and another blade fitting mandrel. • Cutting surface with vacuum area • High luminosity beamer to project the cutting path on the cutting surface. • Vacuum pump 4 kW • Windows PC with interface card for the CNC, Ethernet network card, software CUTTER licence, LCD monitor • Axis drivers • CNC • Industrial electric cabinet - Software module INTERACTIVE LAYOUT, Windows based, for automatic/interactive pieces to be cut positioning. - Pneumatic oscillating tool holder designed to receive 0,64 mm blades - Cutting tool Kit composed of: 2 cutting mats (one installed on the machine), 1 tool holder with related ejector, 1 tool holder with vacuum, cutting blade set Price: 25 350 EUR/EXW Bulgaria

Serviform EcoGiant

Current condition: Second hand
Serviform EcoGiant flexible bending machine! Ecogiant is faster and more accurate thanks to the new bending system. The perfect choice for the dieshop looking for flexibility, reliability and high quality manufacturing. EcoGiant, equipped with: - Hi speed Integrated PC - Coil holder trolley, including 8 coil holders - N. 1 lipping and cutting cartridge 2/3 Pt or 3/4 Pt, h.19,00 - 32,00 mm centre bevel 54° - N. 1 bridges cartridge, three bridge sizes 2/3 Pt or 3/4 Pt - N. 1 fake cartridge - N. 1 bending sleeve 2Pt 23.00 – 32,00 - 1 EcoGiant lipping and cutting cartridge 3/4 Pt, h.30,00 - 60,00 mm centre bevel 54° - 1 EcoGiant bending Sleeve 3 Pt h. 23,00 – 32,00 mm - 1 EcoGiant bending Sleeve 3 Pt h. 30,00 – 60,00 mm for cutting or stripping rule - 1 Cut and crease and perf unit 19,00 32,00 mm (including cartridge and tools) - 1 Revolver 4 position nicking cartridge including tools - 1 Broaching unit for 2/3 Pt up to h. 60,00 mm - 1 Scribing unit Technical specifications: Hardware: x86 Compatible Windows Machine body: 1800 x 1100 x 1700 mm Coil holder trolley: 690 x 815 x 1040 mm Bending head trolley: 500 x 640 x 800 mm Power Supply: 220V +/-10% 50/60hz 1P Data input: .CF2/ .DXF / .DWG / .DDE / .DDS /.DD3 / .DS2/.NC / .RUL /.N/ .RTX Steel rule thickness: 2 Pt. (0.71 mm), 2.6 Pt (0,92 mm), 3 Pt. (1.07 mm), 4 Pt. (1.42 mm) Air pressure: 6 bar Power consumption: 2kW Compressed air consumption: max 10 Nl/min Steel rule height: 22,5 - 60 mm Accuracy: ±0,01 on 200mm ±0,04 on 1000 mm Price: 92 950,00 EUR/EXW Bulgaria

HP Indigo 5000

Current condition: Second hand
Model: HP Indigo 5000 Authorized Colours: 5 First Installed: February 2006 Date of Manufacture: July 2005 • 5 colors autorized/installed, (CMYK + 2 x Spot, white available) Printing Speed: 2000, 4/0, A3 | 4000, 2/0, A3 | 8000, 1/0, A3 Image Quality: 812 x 1624 dpi in HDI Mode Line Screen: 144, 160, 175, 180, 230 lpi Printable Area: 308 x 450 mm Paper Format: 320 x 475 mm Paper Weight: Coated: 80-350 g/qm, Uncoated: 65-300 g/qm Paper Feeding System: 3 Trays Auto Duplex: Yes 5 colour machine (CMYK + Spot), High Definition Imaging, Duplex, HP PrePress Manager 7.5.4 Machine is deinstalled and worked just great before deinstallment. Price: 29000 EUR EXW Bulgaria


Current condition: Second hand
All drivers & booklets included

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