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Oce Colorado

Current condition: Second hand
Oce Colorado 1640 Printing method Océ UVgel piezoelectric inkjet Print resolution Up to 1,800 dpi Ink types UVgel 356 ink Ink color CMYK Ink packaging 2 x 1 liter ink bottles Ink reservoir can accommodate up to 2.5 liters per ink color Printheads UVgel 415 printhead High frequency drop-on-demand piezoelectric printhead (two per color) Curing UV LED Price: 4500 EUR EXW

Bundle Deal - Serviform EcoGiant + Serviform Rubba + SEI Personal Bravo 1520 600W

Current condition: Second hand
Bundle Deal for Serviform EcoGiant + Serviform Rubba + SEI Personal Bravo 1520 600W Please find details for each of the units being of this bundle: Serviform EcoGiant - http://tradeyourprinter.com/product/170-Serviform-EcoGiant Serviform Rubba - http://tradeyourprinter.com/product/171-Serviform-Rubba SEI Personal Bravo 1520 600W - http://tradeyourprinter.com/product/172-SEI-Personal-Bravo-1520-600W Prince: 220 000 EUR/EXW Bulgaria

SEI Personal Bravo 1520 600W

Current condition: Second hand
SEI Personal Bravo1520 600W Laser Cutting Machine: Complete machine Personal Laser 1520 Class 4 Laser cutting machine Working area: 1550 x 2000 mm Clearance: 100 mm between surface and gantry X-Y axis speed: max. 500 mm/sec. Positioning accuracy: 0.1 mm Repeatability: +/- 0.05 mm Z-Axis resolution: 0,1 mm Laser 600 W CO2 Rofin SCx sealed Closed loop water chiller for Laser Cutting head with 5“ lens, cutting nozzle, assist gas nozzle Surface following sensor (mechanical) Cutting support height adjustable pins in the tub 3-Axis Galvo head Working area 200x200mm – 400x400mm Raster and Vector mode Processing Icaro Software for Control Machine Personal Bravo 1520 with 1550 x 2000 mm work area Laser resonator 600 W SCx60 from ROFIN The proposed laser system is suitable to process: Cutting of plywood of 12 / 15 / 18 mm for steel rule dies - Use of a 5” or 7.5“ lens - Use of compressed air through the nozzle Cutting of Plexiglass (PMMA) up to 25 mm thick - Use of a 7.5“ lens - Use of compressed air through the nozzle 3-Axis Galvo head Working area 200x200mm – 400x400mm It is possible to mark on all working area of the machine with automatic software calculation of the zones and junction. Cutting and Marking in the same job. For marking Acrylic, Wood, cutting paper … Laser Technology Highfrequency , diffusion cooled CO 2 Laser resonator, with 3 selectable modes: Power mode up to 20 kHz - Energy mode - Pulsed mode - No gas consumption - No maintenance on Laser - Reduced maintenance due to a reduction in moving parts within the laser - Minimal power loss over the lifetime - ROFIN means state-of-the-art laser technology - Exit window of resonator to the front, hence only 1 mirror needed. Mechanical construction Welded steel frame with precision lead ways in both axis Central lead screw in both axis, the longer lead screw is fixed and the nut is revolving. Gantry is carrying the Laser-Resonator humpback Fixed machine tub with pointed steel pins to carry the plywood. Ceramic tiles in the bottom of tub to absorb the excessive laser heat. Fume extraction through sides of tub to the back. Integrated PC - controller, based on an industrial type PC and a SEI proprietary controller. Operators work station is moveable. Flat screen, trackball, keyboard Mechanical construction Work area: 1550 x 2000 mm Footprint Frame of machine: 2600 x 4000 mm Overhang backside: 3060 x 4700 mm Chiller Stulz: 800 x 800 mm ROFIN Controller box: 600 x 600 mm Fume extraction blower: 800 x 1000 mm Positioning accuracy: +/- 0.05 mm over whole work area Repeatability: +/- 0.05 mm Speed: max. 500 mm/sec. Drive Lead screw: Precision lead screws Motors: Brushless Motors Servodrive: SEI , YASKAWA Positioning system Optical encoders on the motor shafts Closed Circuit Loop feedback for positioning Surface tracking Mechanical sensor riding on the surface, coupled with a linear probe. Uneven surfaces were automatically compensated. Laser focus manually adjustable, values will be stored in database. Fume extraction Fume extraction by a 5.5 kW blower, backwards through the sides of the tub. Mirrors in the beam path Price: 125450 EUR/EXW Bulgaria

Serviform Rubba

Current condition: Second hand
Serviform Rubba cutting table for die ejection rubber: The quality of your dies is more and more connected with the ejection rubber. Up to now water jet cutting systems supplied satisfactory quality at a quite expensive price. Using RubbA with its mechanical blade system expressly developed for the die making industry top quality cut level is guaranteed without the maintenance and service costs of a water jet system. RubbA is supplied with a high luminosity beamer: projecting the cutting paths on the rubber sheet the operator can easily reduce rubber waste. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Hardware: IBM compatible Windows 8 OS Data input DXF, HPGL Working area: 1000 x 600 mm Max speed: 60m/min Acceleration 1G Pulse frequency: 3,2 strokes/sec Vacuum pump power: 4,5 kW • Multi tool cutting head with servo controlled Z axis. Writing pen and marking tool. It can be equipped with two tools and another blade fitting mandrel. • Cutting surface with vacuum area • High luminosity beamer to project the cutting path on the cutting surface. • Vacuum pump 4 kW • Windows PC with interface card for the CNC, Ethernet network card, software CUTTER licence, LCD monitor • Axis drivers • CNC • Industrial electric cabinet - Software module INTERACTIVE LAYOUT, Windows based, for automatic/interactive pieces to be cut positioning. - Pneumatic oscillating tool holder designed to receive 0,64 mm blades - Cutting tool Kit composed of: 2 cutting mats (one installed on the machine), 1 tool holder with related ejector, 1 tool holder with vacuum, cutting blade set Price: 25 350 EUR/EXW Bulgaria

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